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Great Space Life NFT's 🎨

What are NFT's?

NFT's are digital art on the blockchain. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique. 

Can I profit from NFT's?

Yes. Not only will the art appreciate in price due to its rare & limited nature, but also due to the fact that it is priced in ethereum (likely to increase in price over the long term) 

How can I get Great Space Life NFT's?

Level 1 NFT's  (0.055 ETH approx. 60)

  • Receive them in giveaways from Great Space Life 🚀
  • You can buy them on rarible.com / opensea.io
  • Trade NFT's with each other
  • You have more than 7500 followers?  Make a post/story & tag Great Space Life🚀 

Level 2 NFT's  (0.077 ETH approx. 85)

  • Purchase over 50
  • Affiliate + 3 sales  

Level 3 NFT's  (0.088 ETH approx. 90)

  • Purchase over 100
  • Affiliate + 5 sales

Level 4 NFT's (0.111 ETH approx. 112)

  • Purchase over 500
  • Affiliate + 10 sales

Level 5 NFT's (0.222 ETH approx. 225)

  • Affiliate + 100 sales 

Important: Download "metamask" to your browser (or any other erc20 compliant wallet). In order to receive, buy, create or sell NFT's you need an ethereum smart contract address.

What can I do with NFT's?

Collect, invest, hold, create & sell

Great Space Life NFT's

The first ever Great Space Life NFT is now available:

  • Name: Moon Balloon
  • Price: 0.077 ETH
  • Quantity: 99 replicas

 *Every holder of the "Moon Balloon" NFT receives 30% off for a lifetime at Great Space Life 

(Click on the picture to connect to rarible.com (NFT marketplace))