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3 Sky Events in 2021

12. Aug. 2021: Perseid meteor shower  
The Perseids are the "Old Faithful" of meteor showers. That's worth remembering, even if a last-quarter moon will interfere somewhat with this beloved meteor display at peak activity, which is expected on the morning of Aug. 12. Otherwise, an observer might witness more than a meteor a minute in a clear, dark sky.  Most of these "shooting stars" would be identifiable as Perseids because their paths, extended backward along the line of flight, would intersect near a point in northern Perseus. Better viewing conditions will come a few mornings after the 12th, when predawn skies are darker, but the shower will be much diminished by then. 

13. Dec – 14. Dec. 2021: A "gem" of a meteor shower 
    Those who constantly scan the sky for meteors now feel that the Geminids in December are the best of the annual showers, surpassing even the August Perseids. The Geminids are scheduled to reach their maximum late on the night of Dec. 14 into the morning hours of Dec. 15, when 60 to 120 slow, graceful meteors per hour may be seen under ideal dark-sky conditions.
    14. Dec. 2021: Total eclipse of the sun

      The final eclipse of 2020 will be visible only from the lower two-thirds of South America and a narrow slice of southwestern Africa. North America will not see any part of it. 

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